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Thursday, March 03, 2005

RFID with audio function

The speaking drug label
Thailand IC-Design Incubator is now developing a speaking drug label that will soon allow anyone to follow the instructions when taking medicine just by listening to the drug itself.

The technology integrates RFID and voice recording to allow drug labels to tell the name of the medicine, give instructions on its use and information about its possible side effects.
A small RFID chip will be attached to the drug label. To make the drug talk, users use an RFID reader which will match the information with a drug directory in a small database embedded in the reader.
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Concept model of RFID in a gum
NEC designers have created design possibilities with near future paradigms in mind: ubiquitous technology, smaller hardware, and expanding volume of information handled.
Among their 2003 concept models --thus and unfortunately not planned to be commercialized at this point, I had a crush on:
Gumi: RFID chips hold the usage rights to images and music available on the network. The chips are covered in a gummy capsule, sold in packages just like candies, and are edible after use.

When the play unit is connected to the container, the basic unit, it can be used as an audio player. By setting it in the cradle connected to the display through wireless LAN, users can also enjoy visual contents. Blank chips on which users can allocate data will also be available.

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