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Friday, February 04, 2005

Superstar - NAM JUNE PAIK

NAM JUNE PAIK. Born in Seoul, Korea, 1932. Educated at the University of Tokyo, 1952-56. Studied music with Stockhousen at Darmstadt; art history and philosophy in Germany, 1956-58. Worked as video artist in electronic music studio for Radio Cologne, 1958-61; associated with the Fluxus group, New York, 1960s; artist-in-residence, WGBH-TV,1969; artist-in-residence, WNET-TV, New York, 1971; works closely with Japanese artist Shigeko Kubota. Address: Holly Solomon Gallery, 172 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10012, U.S.

Nam June Paik--composer, performer, and video artist--played a pivotal role in introducing artists and audiences to the possibilities of using video for artistic expression. His works explore the ways in which performance, music, video images, and the sculptural form of objects can be used in various combinations to question our accepted notions of the nature of television.
Nam June Paik pioneered the development of electronic techniques to transform the video image from a literal representation of objects and events into an expression of the artist's view of those objects and events. In doing so, he challenges our accepted notion of the reality of televised events. His work questions time and memory, the nature of music and art, even the essence of our sensory experiences. Most significantly, perhaps, that work questions our experience, our understanding, and our definitions of "television."

The More the Better, (1988) Three channel video installation with 1,003 monitors and steel structure; color, sound; approx. 60 ft. high.
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