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Monday, February 14, 2005

Billy Kluver “EAT” from New Media Reader

From “ the Garden Party”
To creates a direct connection between the creative act of the artist and the receptive act of the audience, between the construction and the destruction
“be static with movement.”

The Pavilion
The artist is a positive force in perceiving how technology can be translated to new environments to serve needs and provide variety and enrichments of life.
One of EAT’s objectives was to demonstrate physically the variety and multiplicity of experiences that the new technology can provide for the individual.
The Pavilion became theatre conceived of as a total instrument, using every available technology in which the accumulated experience of all the programmers expanded and enriched the possibilities of the space.
In this project the artist was considered a resource in an actual physical situation with a functional end.
Underlying this whole complex of values and practices there is the assumption of consistency and integrity of authorship.
“Our dilemma is whether the artists have created a work of fine art or a work of commercial art to which there are rights which must be guaranteed.”


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