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Friday, February 04, 2005

Place vs. Space

"Place is a special kind of object. It is a concretion of value, though not a valued thing that can be handled or carried about easily; it is an object in which one can dwell. Space, is given by the ability to move. Movements are often directed toward, or repulsed by, objects and places. Hence space can be variously experienced as the relative location of objects or places, as the distances and expanses that separate or link places, and - more abstractly - as the area defined by a network of places"

Yi-Fu Tuan - "Space and Place, the Perspective of experience" – 1977

In daily experiences, people go through some space and we remember the place (location) of the space. Space brings about our experiences, and their experiences stored some place in our brain as memory. When people recall the experience, they search the memory of experience among many places in our brain. Then, the memory of a place changes to the experience of the space. People differ in their awareness of space and time in the way they elaborate a space-time world. So, even though people are in the same space, they remember different experiences about that place.


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